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It's FEZ's first-person-view mode, but now in VR!

Itch.io can't handle the more up-to-date GIFs I would've put here. Take this link to a GIF uploaded to Twitter instead: https://pic.twitter.com/DQlMAQK0so


  • SteamVR via Steam Tools section (blame its Unity plugin for lack of non-Windows support)
  • FEZ (preferably via Steam)
  • Optionally: A SteamVR - supported HMD (f.e. Oculus Rift DK2 or Riftcat for Google Cardboard)

Usage instructions:

  1. Run HoloFEZ
  2. Set FEZ content folder (auto-detected if Steam running)
  3. ..?

Advanced instructions:

  • Hold SHIFT when starting HoloFEZ to change the resolution / controls.
  • HoloFEZ works best in VR on some systems with a resolution of 1024 x 768 (default).

Default Controls (both non-VR and VR):

Movement: WASD / Left Stick

Select: LMB / Shift / A

Back to level select: RMB / Ctrl / B

Change time: Q / E / LT / RT

Move straight up & down: R / F / LB / RB

Recalibrate orientation: Y (keyboard or gamepad)

GitHub project page (source): https://github.com/0x0ade/HoloFEZ

Changelog: https://github.com/0x0ade/HoloFEZ/commits/master

This FEZ VR LEVEL VIEWER is downloadable for an one-time fee of minimally FREE! (Default price set to 0.01€ because otherwise itch.io sets it to 1.00€.)


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